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Official Rules


5. Contest Entry: 


Step 1 (Registration): To enter the Contest, go to (the "Website") and complete the online entry form including the Event City selection, your full name, birthdate, zip code, e-mail address and daytime phone number (with area code) (if Entrant is a minor, Entrant should NOT provide their name and contact information; rather, the Entrant’s parent/legal guardian should instead provide their own name and contact information.) For clarity, you may select an Event City regardless of where you live in the 50 United States/D.C.


Step 2 (Submission of Video): Upload a video (which should not be more than two [2] minutes in length) telling us how soccer shaped your life and contributed to your personal growth, and what would you put the $5,000 grant towards if you won ("Video"). Video must be submitted online as part of the entry form (e.g., e-mail attachments will not be accepted). VIDEO MUST BE SOLELY THE ENTRANT’S ORIGINAL WORK THAT IS BOTH CREATED AND OWNED BY THE ENTRANT. THE VIDEO MAY NOT INCLUDE ANY MUSIC OR ANY VIDEO OR SOUND CLIPS.


Steps 1 and 2 must all be completed in the same Internet session. Partial submissions will NOT be accepted. AN "ENTRY" CONSISTS OF AN INDIVIDUAL’S REGISTRATION INFORMATION AND VIDEO AS DESCRIBED ABOVE. Partial or incomplete/piecemeal submissions (e.g., submission of registration without Video; submission of Video without registration) will NOT be accepted.






Entries may be submitted in either English or Spanish.


​Proof of entering information at the Website is not considered proof of delivery to or receipt by Sponsor of such Entry. The ‘Thank You’ page merely indicates that the Entry has been received but does not constitute any representation that such Entry is eligible for the Contest.


Video file attachment should not be no longer than two (2) minutes in length and in one of the following formats: MOV, AVI, MP4 or MPEG/MPG. Total file size must be no larger than 500MB. Video resolution must be no lower than 400x300px. All Entries must be received by 11:59:59 p.m. ET on August 28, 2024, subject to Entry Period/Event City entry deadlines as set forth in the chart above.


If a Video exceeds two (2) minutes in total length, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to either disqualify the Entry or to only watch and judge the first two (2) minutes of the Video only.


Limit one (1) Entry per person/e-mail address, per Entry Period/Event City regardless of the number e-mail addresses or accounts a person may have. (However, if minor Entrants are siblings, their parent/legal guardian MAY use the same e-mail address to enter each minor Entrant in the Contest once per Entry Period/Event City.) Multiple entries in violation of the above limit will result in the disqualification of all of your entries. Entry must be created entirely by a single individual. Joint or group entries or other collaborative efforts are prohibited. Any third-party assistance (e.g., help from a parent or teacher) in creating the Entry is also prohibited. Once submitted, Entry cannot be supplemented, modified or otherwise altered. Any statements made by Entrant in Entry must be truthful in all material respects; violation of this requirement will result in automatic disqualification. By entering this Contest, participants (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) agree to these Official Rules and the decisions of judges (including Administrator) and Sponsor, which are binding and final in all matters relating to this Contest.


All Entries submitted by a minor are subject to parental approval.


6. Content Guidelines: Entrants (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) agree that all entries shall meet the following requirements and guidelines (any entry that, in Sponsor’s sole and absolute discretion, violates the following criteria will be disqualified and will not be considered an Eligible Entry):


a) Entries must constitute an original work of Entrant, and must be keeping with the Sponsor’s image, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion.

b) Entries must not infringe upon the copyrights, trademarks, right of privacy, publicity or other intellectual property rights or other rights of any third party.

c) Entries must not be sexually explicit or suggestive, unnecessarily violent or derogatory of any ethnic, racial, gender, religious, professional or age group, profane or pornographic, illegal, discriminatory or harassing, or display inappropriate activity, behavior or conduct or contain nudity.

d) Entries must not promote alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco, firearms/weapons (or the use of any of the foregoing), any activities that may appear unsafe or dangerous, or any particular political agenda or message.

e) Entries must not be obscene or offensive, crude or vulgar, endorse any form of hate or hate group, gang signs or symbols.

f) Entries must not contain trademarks owned by others or advertise or promote any brand or product of any kind, without permission.

g) Entries must not contain any personal identification, such as license plate numbers, personal names**, email addresses, websites, webpage links or street addresses.

h) Entries must not contain copyrighted materials owned by others (including photographs, sculptures, paintings and other works of art or images published on or in websites, television, movies or other media) without permission.

i) Entries must not contain materials embodying the names**, likenesses, voices or other indicia identifying any person, including, without limitation, celebrities and/or other public or private figures, living or dead, without permission. 

j) Entries must not include look-alikes or celebrities or public or private figures, living or dead.

k) Entries must not communicate messages or images inconsistent with the positive images and/or goodwill to which the Released Parties wish to associate.

l) Entries must not depict and/or contain any content that is in violation of these Official Rules and/or any applicable laws.


**For clarity, an entry may include the first name of entrant and/or the first name of a third party with such third party’s permission. However, it cannot include the full name of entrant; and, the full name of a third party may only be included with their permission. 


Additionally, if any entry contains any material or elements that are not owned by the Entrant (if a minor, or their parent or legal guardian) and/or which are subject to the rights of third parties, the Entrant is responsible for obtaining, prior to submission of the Entry, any and all releases and consents necessary to permit the use and exhibition of the Entry by Sponsor in the manner set forth in these Official Rules, including, without limitation, name and likeness permissions from any person who appears in or is identifiable in the Entry. Sponsor reserves the right to request proof of these permissions in a form acceptable to Sponsor from any Entrant at any time. Failure to provide such proof may, if requested, render the Entry null and void. By submitting an Entry, Entrant warrants and represents that they and any persons appearing or who are identifiable in the Entry consent to the submission and use of the Entry in the Contest and to its use as otherwise set forth herein. Sponsor shall have the right to modify a video to bring the Submission in compliance with these requirements should it feel it is necessary in its sole discretion. All Submissions will be reviewed for content eligibility and compliance with these Official Rules before being judged. Submissions containing false information, prohibited material or inappropriate content, as determined by the Sponsor, in its sole discretion, may be disqualified. Sponsor makes the final determination as to what Submissions are eligible to take part in this Contest. Entering a Submission grants Sponsor and its agents the unconditional, irrevocable, worldwide right to publish, use, adapt, edit and/or modify such Submission in any way, in any and all media, without limitation, and without consideration to the Entrant (if a minor, or to their parent or legal guardian) whether or not such Submission is selected as a winning Submission. BY SUBMITTING THE ORIGINAL SUBMISSION, THE ENTRANT (IF A MINOR, THEIR PARENT OR LEGAL GUARDIAN) REPRESENTS AND WARRANTS THAT THEY HAS ALL RIGHT, TITLE, AND INTEREST NECESSARY TO GRANT THE SPONSOR THE WORLDWIDE, IRREVOCABLE AND UNRESTRICTED RIGHT AND LICENSE TO ADAPT, PUBLISH, USE, EDIT AND/OR MODIFY SUCH SUBMISSION IN ANY WAY AND POST THE ORIGINAL SUBMISSION ON THE INTERNET AND USE THE ORIGINAL SUBMISSION IN ANY OTHER WAY AND AGREES TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD SPONSOR HARMLESS FROM ANY CLAIMS TO THE CONTRARY. IN ADDITION, IF AT ANY TIME DURING THE CONTEST ENTRY PERIOD OR AT ANY TIME THEREAFTER, SPONSOR DETERMINES THAT NOT ENOUGH OR NO ELIGIBLE ENTRIES EXIST FROM WHICH TO DETERMINE THE WINNERS, THEN SPONSOR MAY IN ITS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE DISCRETION DETERMINE THAT NOT ENOUGH OR NO ELIGIBLE ENTRIES EXIST, AND THEN MAY EITHER SUSPEND OR TERMINATE THE CONTEST OR MODIFY IT (OR ANY PARTS THEREOF) IN ANY EQUITABLE MANNER THAT SPONSOR DEEMS APPROPRIATE IN ITS SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE DISCRETION, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, BY NOT AWARDING ANY ONE OR MORE OF THE PRIZING SET FORTH IN THESE OFFICIAL RULES. 


7. Judging: One (1) winner will be selected from among all eligible Entries received and recorded during a given Entry Period/Event City. (Entries will be NOT retained for any subsequent Entry Periods/Event Cities, as applicable.) For each Entry Period/Event City, eligible entries will be judged by a panel of judges ("Judging Panel") as determined by Sponsor based on the three (3) following equally weighted criteria: (i) Originality of video submission in answering Contest question; (ii) Emotional impact of Video; and (iii) Overall suitability of Video submission to be used for promotional purposes. The judges will take into account the age and educational level (grade) of Entrants in evaluating Videos as well as whether the content of Videos was in Spanish or English. The one (1) Video with the highest score (for each Entry Period/Event City) will be deemed the Grand Prize Winner for that Entry Period/Event City. In the event of a tie after calculating the cumulative judges’ scores, the following will be the tie-breaking procedure: the Entry from among all such tied entries with the higher/highest score in the "Overall suitability of Video submission to be used for promotional purposes" criterion will be considered the Winner. In the event a tie remains, an additional judge of the Sponsor’s choosing will be brought in to reevaluate the tied Entries. Should a winner have the highest score for subsequent Entry Periods/Event Cities, such winner’s Entry will be disqualified from such subsequent Entry Periods/Event Cities to enforce the limit of one (1) prize per person as discussed below. Decisions of the Administrator, the Judging Panel and any additional judges (as applicable) are final and binding in all respects. The results of judging are confidential information and proprietary to Sponsor; and, by entering the Contest, Entrant (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) expressly waives any right to review or inspect such judging results. 


8. Winner Notification & Requirements: Potential winners (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) will be notified by e-mail and/or phone on/or about two (2) business days following the conclusion of the applicable Entry Period/Event City. In order to remain eligible, potential winners (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) will be required to sign and return within two (2) days of receipt (or such shorter time period as indicated on the notification), a Declaration of Eligibility, Release and Indemnification, a Publicity Release where allowed by law, a Grant of Rights and Release, proof of enrollment in high school and GPA of at least 2.5, as well as other documents that Sponsor may require (collectively, "Prize Claim Documents''). Prize Claim Documents will be collected by DigiSigner GmBH ("DigiSigner") and shared with Sponsor, For Soccer and Probability LLC solely for the purposes of Sweepstakes administration. All entrant data will be deleted from DigiSigner once winner is verified and confirmed. If a potential winner does not reply to such notification with all required materials within two (2) days of receipt (or such shorter time period as indicated on the notification), if an e-mail notification is undeliverable after up to two (2) attempts, if the Prize Claim Documents required by Sponsor or Administrator are not signed and returned to Sponsor within two (2) days of receipt (or such shorter time period as indicated on the notification), if a winning Entrant is ineligible or disqualified for any reason, or if a prize is not claimed or accepted for any reason, Entrant may be disqualified and an alternate winner will be selected, i.e., the Entrant with the next highest score from the Judges in the applicable Entry Period/Event City (time permitting). Each potential winner (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) agrees that a facsimile copy of such documents shall have the same legal effect as the originals; but, winner must provide original documents to Sponsor and/or its agency prior to issuance of prize (if requested by Sponsor and/or Administrator). In the event of any dispute concerning the identity of any Entrant, Sponsor/Administrator shall determine in their sole discretion the identity of the Entrant.


Sponsor may, but is in no way obligated to, announce the winners and/or conduct a prize award presentation ceremony at the Ford Copita Alianza Youth Tournament in the corresponding Event City; however, should Sponsor not proceed with such announcement and/or ceremony for any reason, Sponsor will not have any liability to winner for corresponding Entry Period/Event City (or, if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) under any legal theory. Award of prize is NOT contingent upon winner attending the Ford Copita Alianza Youth Tournament in any Event City. Should Sponsor choose to do so, winner (or, if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) agrees to follow any and all instructions of Sponsor, including appearing at the indicated area at the designated time, as well as conducting themselves at all times in a respectful, courteous and well-behaved manner. 


9. Prizes and Approximate Retail Values ("ARV"):


Grand Prize (8 winners; 1 per Entry Period/Event City): Each Grand Prize winner will receive the following: $5,000 toward costs related to possible future college matriculation & a scholarship to ACCESS U Foundation (value of $5,500). Total ARV of each Grand Prize: $10,500.00.


The $5,000 toward costs related to possible future college matriculation will be awarded in the form a check in Winner's name (or, if Winner is a minor, in the name of their parent or legal guardian). 


ACCESS U Foundation’s standard terms and conditions apply to award of scholarship. 


Total ARV of all Prizes: $84,000.00.


If entrant is a minor, Sponsor will award prize to, or in the name of the parent or legal guardian of winning Entrant; but, if entrant is a minor but their parent or legal guardian is not a U.S. citizen, Sponsor will award the prize to the parent or legal guardian of winning Entrant on the winning Entrant’s behalf with the winning Entrant being responsible for all taxes on the prize. In addition, even if entrant is of age of majority (and has a parent/legal guardian who is a U.S. citizen), Sponsor may still, in its sole discretion, elect to award prize to, or in the name of the parent or legal guardian of winning Entrant. No substitution, transfer or cash redemption of prizes (or any prize component) except with Sponsor’s permission or where required by law. (The preceding excludes the check component of the prize.) If for any reason prize (or prize component) becomes unavailable, Sponsor may award a substitute prize/prize component of equal or greater value. Winners are solely responsible for any federal, state, local or other taxes associated with accepting prize. Grand Prize winners will receive a 1099 Tax Form reflecting the actual final retail value of prize won. Sponsor makes no warranty, representation, or guarantee, express or implied, in fact or in law, relative to the use of prize, including, without limitation, its quality, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Limit of one (1) prize per person. 


10. Release & Indemnity: By submitting an Entry, each Entrant (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) agrees to release, discharge and hold harmless Contest Entities, and each of their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies, licensees, advertising and promotional agencies and prize suppliers, and each of their respective past and present officers, directors, employees, shareholders, agents and representatives (collectively, the "Released Parties") from and against any and all claims, actions or liabilities of any kind arising from or relating to entry or participation in the Contest, Contest judging and rules interpretations (including disqualification determinations), the receipt, use or misuse of prize (including without limitation, any travel related thereto), the substitution of any prize (or any portion thereof), the use of any of the rights granted herein or in connection with the Contest, and any other claim, action or liability of any kind, including but not limited to claims for defamation, violation of right of publicity, misrepresentation, infringement of trademark, copyright, patent or other intellectual property rights, property damage, invasion of privacy, infliction of emotional distress, personal injury or death. By submitting an Entry, Entrant (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Released Parties from and against any and all claims, expenses and liabilities (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or relating to Entrant’s submission of an Entry; Entrant’s participation in the Contest; any statement, action or omission of Entrant during or in connection with the Contest; Entrant’s acceptance or use/misuse of prize; the exercise of any of the rights granted by Entrant (including, without limitation, the broadcast, manufacture, exploitation or other use of the Entry), if applicable; and/or Entrant’s breach of any of their representations and undertakings. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. 


11. Limitations: Released Parties are not responsible for failed, partial or garbled computer transmissions or for technical failures of any kind, including but not limited to electronic malfunction or damage of any network, hardware or software. If for any reason the Contest is not capable of running as originally planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud or technical failures beyond Sponsor’s control that corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the Contest, Sponsor reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify any individual who tampers with the Contest, and/or to terminate, modify or suspend the Contest. In such event, Sponsor reserves the right to conduct the Contest and award the prizes in a manner which is fair, appropriate and consistent with the spirit of these Official Rules, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Notice of such action by Sponsor will be posted on the Contest Website. No responsibility is assumed by Released Parties for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, loss, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to entries; human error; or any problems or technical malfunctions of any telephone network or lines, computer online systems, servers, or providers, computer equipment, software, or any combination thereof, including any injury or damage to any person’s computer (or any information/materials stored thereon) related to or resulting from participation in or downloading any materials in connection with this Contest. Entrants (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) further agree not to knowingly damage or cause interruption of the Contest and/or prevent others from participating in the Contest. CAUTION: ANY ATTEMPT TO DAMAGE ANY ON-LINE SERVICE OR WEB SITE OR UNDERMINE THE LEGITIMATE OPERATION OF THE CONTEST VIOLATES CIVIL AND/OR CRIMINAL LAWS. IF SUCH AN ATTEMPT IS MADE, SPONSOR MAY DISQUALIFY ANY ENTRANT MAKING SUCH ATTEMPT AND SEEK DAMAGES TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW.


12. Disputes/Choice Of Law: Except where prohibited, Entrants (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) agree that: (a) these Official Rules and the Contest shall be governed by the law of Michigan (except for the conflict of law/choice of law rules of Michigan or of any other jurisdiction which would lead to the application of the law of any jurisdiction other than Michigan); (b) to the fullest extent permitted by law, (i) any claim, dispute or cause of action regarding the Contest or these Official Rules shall be brought individually (NOT AS PART OF A CLASS ACTION) in the federal or state courts of Michigan; (ii) they consent to the personal jurisdiction of such courts as the exclusive tribunal for adjudication of any such claim/dispute/cause of action; (iii) their recovery will be limited to actual out-of-pocket costs involved in participating in the Contest (if any) and they expressly waive their right to all other forms of recovery, including by way of example only, punitive, consequential, indirect, incidental, special and exemplary damages as well as attorneys’ fees for bringing such claim/dispute/cause of action. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATIONS OR EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, SO THE ABOVE MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.


13. Names of Prize Winners: For the names of the winners, mail a separate, self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Ford Que Golazo de Grants Contest, c/o Probability, P.O. Box 1559, Social Circle, GA 30025-1559, for receipt by September 30, 2024.


14. Spanish Language Translation: These rules have been written in English. A Spanish translation is enclosed herewith. Should there be any inconsistency in meaning between the English version and the Spanish translation, the English version governs in all cases.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Internet access and valid e-mail address required.

Ford Motor Company ("Ford" or "Sponsor") is looking to award $5,000 towards costs related to possible future college matriculation (for example, travel to visit college campus, travel to attend a college sports team tryout or college tuition) and a Scholarship to ACCESS U to eight (8) students who can best answer the questions "How has soccer shaped your life and contributed to your personal growth? If you won the $5,000 grant, what would you put it towards?"

1. Sponsor: Ford Motor Company ("Sponsor"), One American Rd, Dearborn, MI 48126.

2. Administrator: Probability LLC ("Administrator"), 2 Woodstock Meadows Ln, PO Box 1484, Woodstock, NY 12498.


3. Eligibility: Each person submitting an entry (each, an "Entrant") to the "Ford Que Golazo de Grants Contest" ("Contest") must be a resident of the 50 United States/D.C. who meet all of the following criteria: (a) are between 14-18 years of age at time of entry; (b) are enrolled in a public or private high school (including home school) with at least a 2.5 GPA as of most recently completed school semester/grading period; and (c) an individual or member (i.e., on the roster of a high school soccer or another youth soccer league) club which is registered to participate in an Alianza event (including but not limited to VIX Alianza Femenil, Ford Copita Alianza, Verizon Copa Alianza, Allstate Sueño Alianza, 5 v 5). Entrants who are minors (that is, under the age of majority in their legal jurisdiction of primary residence) must have permission from their parent or legal guardian in order to enter the Contest. Children of employees of Sponsor, Administrator, VMLY&R, Zubi Advertising Services, Inc., For Soccer Ventures, LLC ("For Soccer"), Access U Inc., or any of their respective related, parent, affiliated or subsidiary companies, agents, or who have within six (6) months prior to the start date of the Contest performed services for any organizations responsible for sponsoring, fulfilling, administering, advertising or promoting the Contest or the 2024 Ford Copita Alianza Youth Tournament in any of the Event Cities (as defined below), supplying the prize (or any component of the prize), and/or their respective parent, subsidiary, affiliated and successor companies (collectively, "Contest Entities"), and immediate family and household members of such individuals, are not eligible to enter or win. "Immediate family members" shall mean parents, step-parents, children, step-children, siblings, step-siblings, or spouses, regardless of where they live. "Household members" shall mean people who share the same residence at least three (3) months a year, whether related or not. Potential winners (if a minor, their parent or legal guardian) may be required to provide proof of eligibility upon request prior to prize award. Void elsewhere and where prohibited or restricted by law.


4. Contest Schedule: The Contest begins on or about 12:00:01 a.m. Eastern Time ("ET") on May 1, 2024, and ends at 11:59:59 p.m. ET on August 28, 2024 ("Contest Period"). For Soccer’s computer is the official clock for this Contest. There are eight (8) separate "Entry Periods" (each of which is tied to a given city hosting an Alianza event) that comprise the Promotion Period as set forth in the chart below. An Entry must be submitted during the corresponding Entry Period to be eligible to win the prize for that Entry Period/Event City. The awarding of Prizes (as defined in Rule 7 below) is subject to the eligibility and forfeiture provisions set forth herein.


Event City/Dates

Begin Date & Time

End Date & Time

Entry Period #1

Dallas, TX/June 15 – 16, 2024

12:00:01 AM ET on 5/1/2024

11:59:59 PM ET on 6/5/2024

Entry Period #2

San Antonio, TX/June 22-23, 2024

12:00:01 AM ET on 5/1/2024

11:59:59 PM ET on 6/12/2024

Entry Period #3

Colorado Springs, CO/July 6-7, 2024

12:00:01 AM ET on 5/1/2024

11:59:59 PM ET on 6/26/2024

Entry Period #4

Chicago, IL/July 20-21, 2024

12:00:01 AM ET on 5/1/2024

11:59:59 PM ET on 7/10/2024

Entry Period #5

New York, NY/August 3-4, 2024

12:00:01 AM ET on 5/1/2024

11:59:59 PM ET on 7/24/2024

Entry Period #6

Los Angeles, CA/August 17-18, 2024

12:00:01 AM ET on 5/1/2024

11:59:59 PM ET on 8/7/2024

Entry Period #7

San Jose, CA/August 24-25, 2024

12:00:01 AM ET on 5/1/2024

11:59:59 PM ET on 8/14/2024

Entry Period #8

El Paso, TX/September 7-8, 2024

12:00:01 AM ET on 5/1/2024

11:59:59 PM ET on 8/28/2024

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